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You dream of your own house?
We show you below, the steps you need to follow to fulfill your dream.

Before the project

Building a house is a big project and needs long term investments. In order to be successful, it needs to be made step by step in a serious and methodical manner:

  • Buying the land
  • Clearly determining the necessities of the future inhabitants of the house.
  • Very good planning in order to avoid unforeseen elements.
  • Be sure that you have the necessary means to build.

Do not forget that your task includes:

  • Preparing the project for construction authorization
  • Execution of the foundation and concrete slab on which will be mounted the wooden house,
  • Electrical and sanitary installations.
  • All the approvals necessary for the construction of the house (including the architectural project with authorized stamp)
  • Arrangement and / or fencing of the terrain
  • Connection to the utilities

Buying the land

When you buy a land in order to build a house you need to keep in mind the following:

  • Legal status of the landof the terrain and neighbors
  • Land access and existing utilities
  • Its urban situation
  • The type of soil

Feasibility study

To provide a technical, financial and legal framework to your project and provide a solid foundation, consider the following elements:

  • Your budget
  • Soil study
  • Orientation
  • Analyze of the existing constructions
  • Urban rules

Functionalities list

Make a very precise and realistic list of the functionalities that you want to assign your future home.

Choosing the project for your house

There are three ways to obtain the project of your house:

  • Choose a model from our proposals and realizationsone
  • Modify one of our projects (realizations or proposals)
  • Modify a project

Whichever solution is adopted, obtaining a Building Authorisation is inevitable as all the afferent documentation.

New project - first sketches

If you opted for a new project, first we advise you to make a few sketches of the building you want to build. In most cases, these sketches are enough to make preliminary projects and to calculate an estimate. Perhaps we also need other information about the desired style and other details. Technical department and / or commercial one, from our company will contact you for possible questions.

Obtaining an estimate

Once the sketches are made and the model is chosen you have to ask for an estimate.
There are two possibilities:

  • If you have chosen one of our plans, with or without changes, please use the form on the website by clicking on “Offer request” choosing (if the case) the desired type of wall.

If you have chosen to make a new project use the form in the Contact section and don’t forget to send us your sketches.

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