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Wooden house final assembly

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There are three ways to make the assembling of a product ordered from our company:

  • Assembling made by the client - the assembling is made by you based on the assembling instructions we put in the package.
  • Assisted assembling - you make the assembling, assisted by one of our specialists.
  • Assembling is made by Fragetico Group team - you request a team from our company to make the entire assembly of the product.

Let's analyze each one of the possibilities mentioned above:

Assembling wooden house made by you:
In this situation, the wooden house is delivered in kit assembly which means that:

  • each component of the house is marked with a code
  • once with the wooden house you will get a folder with pictures where you can find items codes and installation instructions.

Assembly wooden house with assistance
In this situation, the assembly of the house will be made by you assisted by a specialist from our comany. As in the previous case, each element of the wooden house is marked with a code and the wooden house will be delivered with installation instructions and plans where you can find the codes of the components. Specialist role is to supervise the assembly work and support you in any technical issue that you will be facing during the installation. During the installation must provide to the specialist food and accommodation.

Marking and identifying wooden house components
Marking and identifying wooden house components

Assembly of a wooden house made by a team Fragetico Group
In this latter situation we send a team (generally consisting of 4 workers) to achieve full assembly houses.
The steps are:

  • Day 1

The team reach at your place the day before the truck arrival. It receives concrete slabs or pillars structure on which will be mounted the wooden house. Please note, if the structure on which the wooden house is mounted doesn't comply (perfect flatness), the installation team will not begin the installation until it will not fix this problem. The expenses related to remedy this problem would be in charge of the client (accommodation, meals or the return of the assembling team to Campina with the delay of the assembling begging ).
This day will be put in place also the rest of the administrative issues (accommodation, travel from the working place to the accommodation place, etc.)

  • Day 2

The next morning, the truck arrives at the working place and the installation team handles to discharging the cargo.
Depending on the complexity of the work you maybe requiered to put the team on the working place to provide to the assembling team, the following:
- Forklift for discharging the cargo.
- Crane for lifting certain components in height (story houses)
- Electricity 220 V (required for nearly all our tools)
- Mineral water in case of excessive temperatures
- Scaffolding for security work at height
Depending on the remaining time after discharging the cargo, the team will place the wooden house components in mounting position.

  • Day 3

From this day the team starts the actual installation of your home
The total number of the installation days for the wooden house is specified in the contract signed with us.
The lenght of the installation can be extended only in case the weather conditions do not allow the assembly. In this case the working place will be further extended and costs with accommodation and meals are paid by the client.

  • Day F-2 (two days befor the Final assembly)

Two days before the end of the assembly specified in the order / contract, the assembling team leader will be asked to make a preliminary reception of work that aims to:
- Check whether the installationof the wooden house was done according with the order / contract signed with Fragetico Group
- To check the proper functioning (opening / closing etc) of all doors, windows and shutters
- To make a visual inspection of the appearance of walls, floors, ceilings (where applicable) and in general the whole building -regarding the wood.
- To report any non-conformities found at wooden house.
The final reception takes place in the presence of the customer or his representative.
If the customer is not present when releasing the reception procedure, this will be done only by the representative FRAGETICO GROUP and any subsequent reserve by the the Buyer will not be considered.

  • Day F-1 (one day befor the Final assembly)

The team will be responsible for putting in according all the aspects mentioned by you plus other final finishing works or detail.

  • Day F (Final assembly)

The installation leader invites you to make the final reception of the work (wooden house).
- Check that all nonconformities reported were eliminated.
- It explains to you (if applicable) how is made the adjustments to doors and windows.
- It gives to you the instructions for the maintenance of the wooden house.
After the reception is signed the official reports of the work final reception.



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