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Foldable traders house FRG - KPXS 5424

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Traders' house FRG - KPXS 5424 was specially designed for street trading in fairs and markets or exhibitions.
The product is delivered as kit, ready to be assembled with all its accessories and assemble instructions.
FRG - KPXS 5424 was created on the evolutionary dimensional modulation system (two FRG - KPS 2724 modules)

Foldable traders house 5,4 x 2,4 m


  • Exterior dimensions: 5320 x 2350 mm.
  • Used interior dimensions: 5240 x 2270 mm
  • Used surface: 11.89 mē
  • Total surface: 12.50 mē
  • Material: untreated massive spruce. Humidity 14 - 18%. Excluded defects: non -adherent knots, rotten wood, bark traces, holes and other damages made by insects. Repaired knots.
  • Walls: made of pre-assembled panels that are assembled together with screws. The panels are made of planned tongue and groove spruce boards - 20 mm thickness, assembled in a 40 x 70 mm frame.
  • Floor: factory pre-assembled panels made of OSB 3 de 12 mm fixed on massive wooden sleepers with the section of 60 x 100 mm
  • Roof: 6 purlins with the section of 40 x 40 mm, 4 decorative boards, 2 OSB 3 12 mm panels.
  • Joinery:
  • - One side or back plain door, 800 x 1710 mm with hardware for the padlock
  • - Two upper opening shutters, each having the dimension: 1600 x 580 mm
  • - Four lower opening shutters, forming counters, each having the dimension: 800 x 450 mm
  • Ridge height: 2460 mm
  • Eaves height: 2000 mm

Plane metal sheet, corrosion resistant, 0.45 mm thickness and with both sides protection. (click on the image)

Optional elements:

  • Insecticide-fungicide treatment

The wood is treated by spaying or brushing with an ecological substance (water based) against: molding, fungi, blueness, UV, fading, bad weather, insects etc.

ATTENTION: The products are not painted or varnished.

  • Shutters on all sides. (click on the video)

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