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Little house FRG 151020 - CU

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Little house of panels Type FRG 151020 - CU
It allows the easy arrangement of the tools and objects from your household.

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  • External dimensions: 1500 x 1000 mm (click on the attached drawing).
  • Used area: 1,32 m2
  • The walls are made of wainscot having the thickness of 20 mm assembled on frames of 40 x 40 mm
  • Floor included (made of OSB 3 of 12mm)
  • The roof single slope of OSB 3 of 12mm
  • Joinery: plain double door, in front side, 1420 x 1860 mm, with hardware for lock.
  • Maximum height: 2200 mm
  • Minimum height: 2000 mm

Optional elements:

Little house FRG 1515 - CU
  • Bituminous shingles

Scales shape - red or green color
(click on the image)

Hexagonal shape - red or green color
(click on the image)

Rectangular shape - red or green color
(click on the image)

  • Bituminous membrane

Bituminous membrane on fiberglass support
(click on the image)

  • Insecticide-fungicide treatment

The wood is treated by spaying or brushing with an ecological substance (water based) against: molding, fungi, blueness, UV, fading, bad weather, insects etc.

ATTENTION: The products are not painted or varnished.

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