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Little house FRG 404028 - SP

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Little wooden house Type FRG 404028-SP, made in Standard Plus version, has the dimensions 4000 x 4000 mm.

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Technical features:

  • Massif wooden floor 20 mm
  • Walls - thickness 28 mm made of housed elements with simple tongue and groove

(available also in 40 mm)

  • The width of the housed elements is constant.
  • Roof pitch: 22 wedges system.
  • Roof wainscot: thickness: 20 mm, constant width
  • Eaves height (Hs) = 2250mm.
  • Ridge height (Hc) = 3100mm
  • Advanced roofing in front over the terrace
  • Terrace - 1500 mm.
  • 1 plain or with glass door in front
  • 1 window with1 sash on the front side (for little houses of at least 3000 mm in front)
  • 1 window with 2 sashes on the lateral side
  • Massif wood shutters at all windows
  • Decorative boards at the roof, thickness: 20 mm.
  • Cover of the roof with bituminous shingles.

ATTENTION: The product is not painted or varnished in order to offer the clients the possibility to personalize it. We don't deliver the glass for the windows. The photo presented is not a contractual photo. If in the photo the product appears as painted, the painting has been made by the client.

Other available dimensions:

3500 x 4000 mm
4000 x 4500 mm
4500 x 4500 mm
5000 x 5000 mm

Other comfort variants:



Optional elements:


  • available for little houses having the minimum dimensions of 4000 x 4000 mm.
  • dimensions: 1300 x 2000 mm
  • wood treated on the interior side with a water resistant product
  • door dimensions: 600 x 1950 mm
  • window dimensions: 500 x 500 mm (type skylight)
  • laminated flooring type grit stone "Aqua Protect" (20 years warranty)

Bathroom parquet colors

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