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Wooden house code P- FRG 25+10T+6S

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The plan of the wooden house

House plan code FRG 25+10T+10S

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  • Surface: 36 sqm
  • The wood used is spruce.
  • Resistance elements (beams, posts, etc.) are obtained by gluing two or more wooden lamelas.
  • The adhesive is D4 group product according to DIN EN 204 (highly water resistant). With this technique, wood elements that are stable in time, does not crack or change their shape.
  • The moisture level of the wood befor the treatment is from 16% 2%

(the wood is dried in air and then in our dryers).

CONSTRUCTION VERSION: Massive isolated (click for more details)


  • Exterior walls: 40 mm massive isolated wall / 50 mm insulation/ 20 mm wainscot - total thickness: 110 mm
  • Interior walls: 40 mm massive wood


  • Concrete slab + waterproof insulation - in charge of the customer
  • Mineral wool 50 mm spacers placed between 50 mm
  • 18 mm OSB
  • 8 mm parquet
  • Water resistant special parquet for: AquaProtect


  • 20 mm visible wainscot
  • Rafters with section of: 70 x 140 mm
  • Insulation - 100 mm mineral wool
  • Roofing - OSB 3 de 12 mm


  • Resinous massive wooden doors
  • Massive wooden windows with simple glass. (we don't deliver glass window)

The wood treatement:

  • The wood is treated by dipping or brushing with an ecological substance (water based) against: mold, rodents, fungi, UV, fading, weathering.

Elements that aren't included in the price:

  • The cover for the roof (can provide on request: bituminous shingle or roofing felt)
  • Foundations, concrete slab, hydro-insulating tape and anchoring system of the walls on the concrete slab.
  • Assembling (can provide on request)
  • Transport (can be provided on request)

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