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The pavilion Type FRG Diamant as you can notice its name reflects the shape, giving a pleasant appearance to your garden. It is the perfect place to relax at any time of day.
In order to do this you also need some furniture according to the chosen style.

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  • Built surface: 18.00 mp
  • Upper and lower sill: 100 x 100 mm
  • Rafters: 60 x 100 mm
  • The joints between the sills, pillars and rafters are made with round dowels made of oak or beech 25 mm.
  • The decorative grates are also used as bracings and are made on a frame of 60 x 42 mm and rails made of round lathes of 25 x 15 mm.
  • The pillars are also made of lamellar wood having a raw dimension of 85 x 120 mm
  • Roof made of wainscot of 20 mm.
  • Ornamental boards have the section of 110 x 20 mm.

Optional elements:

Optional elements:

  • Bituminous shingles

Scales shape - red or green color
(click on the image)

Hexagonal shape - red or green color
(click on the image)

Rectangular shape - red or green color
(click on the image)

  • Bituminous membrane

Bituminous membrane on fiberglass support
(click on the image)

Bituminous felt on a fiberglass support fixed on metalic elements.
(click on images)

Bituminous felt roof cover - pavilion roof
Bituminous felt roof cover
  • Insecticide-fungicide treatment

The wood is treated by spaying or brushing with an ecological substance (water based) against: molding, fungi, blueness, UV, fading, bad weather, insects etc.

ATTENTION: The products are not painted or varnished.

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