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Once the sketches are made or the house chosen, you must obtain the detailed project, that’s going to be made by an architect together with a team of construction engineers.
If the architect makes your project, he’s the one that must be the one who deposes it and come with the eventual changes until it’s approved.
Why is it necessary for a specialist to make the project of your house?

  • The necessity of a complete and complex project is obvious, especially when the degree of complexity of the house is high and it will be daily used for many years.
  • Project development is an important part of the sequence of steps in building a house. A well done project will help you avoid a lot of problems in the future.
  • Calculating the resistance of the house is important to successfully pass the requirements to which your house will be subject to over the years (snow, wind, earthquakes).
  • A professional may have suggestions regarding the location of windows so that the sunlight can enter the rooms of the house, reducing the energy consumption that affects the budget.

There are also many other reasons to believe that a professional should handle this step for the functionality of your future home.
Thus, our company cooperates with two architecture cabinets and engineering office specializing in design and strength calculations for houses.

The unavoidable Building Authorisation

This is not after or during construction to ensure compliance with project construction rules, laws and regulations.Building Permit is an official document that allows the construction or renovation of a building used as a dwelling, storage area or anything else. New construction must have a construction permit, except those that don’t have a foundation.
The administration must answer the request for the Building Permit in a mentioned period from one to three months. If the answer is within this period, the application is considered and approved.

The file for the Building Permit must contain the following elements:

  • Application form
  • Valid urbanism certificate
  • Proof of owning the land on which the building is placed (title deed, contract of sale and purchase, lease contract, certificate of inheritance, etc.)
  • All the required approvals requested by the urbanism certificate
  • Building permit documentation, in duplicate and signed by the architect and civil engineer for the city-certified project (technical report, classification plan, location plan, plans with all the levels of the house, foundation plan, plan for the cover of the roof, all views of the house, section, specific details)
  • Proof that the Building Permit was paid

The villages release the authorization only for dwellings and household annexes.cities and municipalities release any kind of building permits excepting those that are approved by the Government.

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