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Earthquake reistance

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When is talking about a seismic structure means a structure to resist same as conventional static load and the forces generated during earthquakes. Intuitively , during an earthquake , a seismic construction should be " deformed " with effects that are completely " reversible " .
A rigid structure shows the risk of causing serious damages to the point of collaps. So, if the construction is lighter it presents a higher resistence at earthquakes.
Wooden buildings are earthquake resistant thanks to the qualities of the material qualities from wich they are made: ductility , robustness, elasticity.
Wooden houses, as opposed to houses made of other materials, are much safer from a single reason:
the power initiated by an earthquake equivalent to the force exerted on the mass construction of the seismic waves , the force is proportional to the masses .
For example , the cement has a strength comparable to that of the wood but weight 4 times higher than this . Therefore , in risk situations seismic wood being a material lighter and more ductile has several antiseismic qualities .
Some of the key features of earthquake-resistant buildings include:
- The walls fixed good in the foundation
- Lateral resistance in the supporting walls
- Correct combination of other elements of the structure
- Strong exterior pillars .

Prefabricated houses fully meet antiseismic normative . Absolutely, the basic role they have foundations that should allow "the depreciation" of the external forces, disperse them in the ground, as if the construction would be done on a " float " .
The material characteristics of the Blockhaus or LogHouse system, assures the eventual resistance to earthquakes untill the magnitude 6.1 degrees without any damage . At the threshold of magnitude 7 , the walls may suffer damage in the points of contact with the base ( concrete slab ) ... but the house is unlikely to collapse, and therefore its occupants are safe.
After the earthquake, the damage will be , however, smaller than those due to antiseismic traditional house : the floors that will be most affected can be rebuilded, the structure , if is damaged can be removed and replace or repaired on the damaged items .

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Earthquake resistance

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