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After we have the proof of the second payment the merchandise is loaded (if necessary) in the means of transportation provided by the client, excluding the situation when the transport is in the charge of Fragetico Group – the transport and delivery are separate lines in the offer and invoice.
Usually, for the transport of the houses we use 22 tones trucks (payload).
Pay attention, the trailers must always have canvases because they are side loaded.
Because we talk about big truck please make sure that the delivery place can be reached with a truck with the following dimensions: 13.40 x 2.50 x 4 m (height).
This must be able to:
- Have access and to manipulate the merchandise easy.
- To have access to unload the merchandise on the lateral side (the maximum width of the delivery zone: 5m)
- There must be taken into account also the length of the package.
- He must be able to turn his car once the delivery is made.
If the configuration of the place prevents the items from being delivered, the transporter reserves its right to cancel the delivery, to return the cost of delivery and return home.
Transport is based on the CMR convention.
Transport insurance should cover the merchandise value of € 100,000.
Transport will be paid by the BUYER, directly to the transporter.
For more details regarding the transport and unloading click here.

Delivery - Loding a truck
Delivery - Loding a truck
Delivery - Loding a truck
Delivery - Loding a truck
Delivery - Loding a truck

Tranhiping - special situation

In exceptional circumstances where heavy truck (TIR 24 tones) can not reach the destination (narrow streets, access impossible for large trucks) is unloading the truck (wooden house) in a place as close as possible to the assembly location and there the components that form the wooden house will be transported:

  • with small trucks
  • by helicopter

Transport cu camioane mici

Transport by helicopter

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