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Have your house .... a nice dream .....

For some of us this dream begins in adolescence and increases as we mature.
It's a dream that means having your own warm and welcoming house.
We're right beside you to help make this dream come true.

Inside view of a wooden houseWooden house with posts-beams structure systemWooden house composite systemInside view of a wooden houseWooden house, sandwich structureInside view of a wooden houseInside view of a wooden houseInside view of a wooden houseInside view of a wooden houseInside view of a wooden houseWooden house, posts-beams structureWooden house assembled on postsInside view of a wooden houseInside view of a wooden houseWooden house - modern styleInside view of a wooden house

Short historic of wooden constructions

Since ancient times, man has used materials that could be found in nature to build his own home, amongst them, wood, being the most suitable for construction.
In Romania, the wooden constructions have a tradition of centuries. Thus, in Putna village (near Suceava) is the oldest wooden church in Romania, in Europe, and even the world after the latest hypothesis, a monument of inestimable value. It dates from 1346.

The oldest wooden construction from Europe

We live today in a world where classic designs based on brick and concrete began to increasingly compete with the wooden constructions.
Best examples are found in Canada and Scandinavia where 90 % of the houses are made of wood or in Germany where they have already exceeded 70 %.

Why a wooden house?

We present you below the best reasons that plead in favor of a wooden house:

Quick manufacturing: A house of 100 – 200 square meters can be built in 6 – 8 weeks with little personnel (4 workers).
By pre-assembling the house in our factory:

  • The working time on the site is shorter and also the risk of expanding the site due to bad weather is reduced.
  • The risk of nonconformities on the site is reduced.

The low weight of the house limits the costs of the foundation.
The loan charges are reduced due to a rapid house construction.
The charges for heating during winter and air conditioning during summer are reduced. Let’s not forget that due to the excellent isolation qualities of the wood, a wooden house is warm in winter and cool during summer.

Wood is different from other building materials due to that it has a greater ability to support the efforts despite its low weight and ease of assembly that allows execution of all geometric shapes. That is why it can perfectly adapt to all styles of projects, all types of terrain and it perfectly bonds with other materials like glass, steel, stone, etc. Thus, a wooden house fits perfectly in all environments either urban or rural. Whether you want to arrange an attic, to add an additional wall or have an internal wall modified, this is made very easy for a wooden house than for a classical building.

Thermal insulation
Wood has a capacity of thermal insulation 350 times higher than steel, 10 times higher than concrete and 3 times higher than the classical bricks (for more details click
here) wood doesn’t need water in order to work with it. The site remains dry and clean.

Earthquake resistance
In seismic areas, light weight and flexibility allows the wood to handle in the best conditions any earthquake
(for more details click

Fire resistance
Despite the preconceived idea, wood is one of the materials with the best resistance against fire. It releases the heat 10 times slower than concrete and 250 times slower than steel and it also doesn’t melt. It does not increase the risk of a fire; on the contrary, it burns slowly, with a speed of 0, 5…0, 7 mm/ minute, which mean a shrinkage of the transversal section with 1 cm on each side in a quarter of hour, time in which the temperature of the fire can reach 700 – 800 degrees. It burns without transmitting heat to the adjoining elements and without emitting toxic smoke.

Ecological and healty

Wooden houses are green homes because wood does not emit radioactivity or static electricity. Wood "breathes" meaning it is a good hydrometric regulator. It is the only construction material that regenerates permanently. Possess the ability to store 250 kg of carbon per m3 in comparison with steel that throw 5320 tons of carbon in the atmosphere when it’s manufactured. Wood is the one that contributes to the ecological balance of the planet and participate in reducing the greenhouse effect.

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